SourceMod Plugin Updates

Quick update about the status of my SourceMod plugins right now. I will keep them updated and bug free when I have the time (If you encounter any problems and want to get in contact we me, will be much quicker response posting on this website). Planning to get AFK Manager fixed soon and re-release it as a minimal plugin with different builds, dependant on what you need and reduce server overhead.

Soon a couple of my plugins will be archived locally on this site, ones that i feel are still quite useful to this day with an active user base. I remember writing a plugin called Match Server Manager that I must have spent a long time coding (This was before SourceMod had their own back menu handler, that long ago! :D) and then CS:GO was released which turned the plugin almost obsolete, more so with their own match system built into the game. Another one was AFK Manager, that took me a long time to write and one small bug I couldn’t reproduce, ended up getting the plugin unapproved after spending so many hours testing in a live environment. Would say the biggest challenge writing plugins for SourceMod is the testing phase, even when you run everything as fast as you can, it’s very time consuming doing it from localhost then switching to a live server environment. Finding out bugs that only reproduce on a live server, then using debug logs to check where something went wrong. So if you’re looking to get into SoureMod plugin development, be ready to spend countless minutes or even hours testing and debugging – Keep checking back for a guide soon to help improve development time.

Over the last 5 years SourceMod has grown at an exponential rate, remember when the approved plugins forum was hovering around 5-10 pages at max – With many developers slowly switching over from AMX mod. Now It’s increased to over 88 pages! Hope the trend keeps going, as more and more developers get involved.

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