Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 2 Released

Beta 2 is out to the public now after some testing and hopefully it’s working as intended. Previous beta 1 ended up with an error related RegClientCookie and had the same storage name for Station and Volume. How it actually worked at all is beyond me.

Some users have reported experiencing the welcome message loading twice that should be fixed too.
That’s purely related to having the old plugin still installed (Renamed the beta release to radio.smx – Please make sure to delete radio_beta.smx on your servers to avoid any potential conflicts.

v1.0.0.17 BETA 2
– All bugs related to the station loading should now be fixed related to RegClientCookie

Beta 3 Released Now, read about it here…. Download BETA 2 from here and extract to your game server directory.
Nothing changed with the Radio Wrappers which can be downloaded on the beta 1 post.
Make sure to read all info related to BETA 1 here.

Have fun with this release and please report any more bugs you might find. Translations would really help to get the plugin ready for a final release.

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