ShoutCast Web-End Updates – Complete

Managed to get the updates to the ShoutCast web-end finished. It actually ended up taking slightly longer than I expected, with how problematic the ShoutCast API was being and returning 404’s for playlists URL’s that was valid.
The solution I came up with was increasing the query retry delay to 10s from 3s, which appears to have fixed it. Hopefully everything is good now – Can say the most recent update from the API was a success.

Will release the updated Radio tomorrow with support for 3 playlist types (Standard with child genres, Parent genres only and Top 500) and a slightly improved algorithm for updating them. Then last thing will be 2 more bugs fixed, one related to Dynamic trying to clear an unitialized array and a missing “LANG_SERVER” format on one of the strings.

Would love some feedback for any L4D2 server owners and tell me if this fixes the bug where nothing would load up from MOTD web player page (Switched from utilising the HTML5 audio tag to jPlayer).

Ignore the UI right at this moment, that will be updated in due time D:.

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