ShoutCast Web-end Updates Incoming

Currently working on a few changes to the ShoutCast downloaded playlists that hopefully everyone will like.

Radio will have a new internal cVar called “sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist” that will decided which playlist to download and utilize, for now there will be 3 types:

1 = Standard genres with child genres – Version right now
2 = Genres without children
3 = Top 500 stations from the ShoutCast API (From the internal cached Database though)

All the station queries are “ORDER BY ListenersCount DESC” to get top listeners.

Then on the final check for downloading the file will swich depending on selection, this won’t break any current installations of Radio and the new cVar will be set as standard to 1.

Hoping to get this ready over the week, but not giving any definite release schedule just yet. Still in the process of making some internal changes to the PHP script unrelated to this, with jPlayer taking over for the standard HTML5 audio tag (That i’m hoping fixes problems with Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 unable to play music).

One last thing, stopped doing the TRUNCATE TABLE on stations and changed to UPDATE from INSERT, so there is no downtime unless by chance you listen to a station that hasn’t been updated in a long time. Which should avoid any dead stations while updating the database weekly – All this is local for now and hoping it’s ready for next week. Want to get it out before the next cronjob on sunday, because of internal database changes.

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