More SQL Changes Soon

Going to be implementing a few more changes to the MySQL code and structure within the PHP script. Long term, This will avoid duplicate entries with stations and have a much better structure inside the database. Task will take me around 2+ weeks to implement with how the database is right now and require lots of internal code changes to utilise the new methods.

Database format right now looks something like this:

Using this structure I was storing the same ShoutCastID multiple times because the GenreID was different (This was a bad method and my first attempt at SQL), the new method will be 100% times better and look something like this:

Utilising this format we can use JOIN and get the GenreIDs for a specific station matching the ShoutCastID, and only have to store the station entry once.

Plan is to get this update done before the updates on Sunday, either this week or next (Hopefully). One last thing, each station that has a potential for being geo-blocked will be prefixed with a (*), which covers mostly Radionomy streams.

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