Radio v2.0.0.2 – Released

Got another release of radio finished, this is a small bugfix and slight change to give better user feedback based around Geo-Blocked stations.

  • The problem with Dynamic and empty methodmaps is now fixed and added source to package
  • Cached the console variables “sm_radio_play_type” and “sm_radio_shoutcast_custom” in OnConfigsExecuted()
    This avoids conflicts or crashes with the way playlists are parsed on each map start
  • Added a slight change to the ShoutCast auto-generated playlists
    Potentially GeoBlocked stations are now marked with (*) – These are stations utilising Radionomy
    This also adds a small change to the translation file

Think the ShoutCast PHP code should be ready to release in the near future, Once I’m happy with the way it looks (Still not satisfied about it just yet for public release. The frontend code is still lacking to say the least xD). Then anyone can request a ShoutCast API key and host it on their own.

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