MOTD Fixer – Web Script Update

Made a slight change to the web script in how it handles IP addresses. Was using ip2long that only works for IPv4 addresses and switched back to the basic string storage/comparison. If you’re updating,then make sure to re-run init.sql for the IP storage changes inside the database. Latest version can always be found here.

MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 5 – Released

Pushed another update today for MOTD Fixer. Resolves the issues with SteamWorks and various other code changes, including more feedback. Full changelog can be found below: Fixed the SteamWorks unloaded error message Was checking a function that wasn’t being called with GetFeatureStatus. More feedback messages added and a few other code changes Small issue fixed … Read more

MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 4 – Ready

Done another big update today for MOTD Fixer that hopefully fixes some issues and adds support for displayed panels. Changelog: – Added support for displayed MOTD panels – Set a 10 second timeout on the SteamWorks HTTP requests – Fixed a slight overlook on motdf_register command returning nothing – Replaced all instances of SteamWorks_IsLoaded() to … Read more

MOTD Fixer/ Radio Dependancy Update Fixes

Small update that fixes some dependancy issues with Radio, MOTD Fixer and Updater. If for example MOTD Fixer or Updater wasn’t installed then Radio wouldn’t run – This should be fully fixed now and added the new fixed include files to the latest package. MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 3 and Radio v2.0.0.8 BETA 3 have … Read more

MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 2 Released

Another small update for today that applies to MOTD Fixer. Fixed a problem related to dependencies with other plugins – Forgot to add RegPluginLibrary, which was causing Radio BETA 2 to not start up, saying unable to find “motdf”. So please make sure to update to this version from here. Small added bonus is … Read more

Radio BETA 2 Released

Radio is updated once again. This time round I’ve fixed a potential flaw by forcing MOTD Fixer to be installed when running under CS:GO. I actually forgot to include the radio.sp inside the Beta 1 package – which is included again in this version. Another couple of small fixes applied with code cleanup and that’s … Read more

Radio BETA 1 – Testing ready

Radio BETA 1 is out for public testing. There is no changelog right now but expect one to follow when out of beta testing – Main highlight is potentially fixed station loading under CS:GO (This requires some vigorous testing to make sure it’s working as intended). If you haven’t read the Radio documentation, that … Read more