Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 1 – Public

Finally got around to a public beta for radio with built in volume controls using direct audio streams. Still need translators for the new strings and some more bugs fixed that might pop up.

Ran many tests and can confirm 100% that volume is working in CS:GO and will be enabled for other mods, once out of beta. Any stream running on ShoutCast will work with the direct station link.

Main change is the new Console Variable to enable volume control in CS:GO which is “sm_radio_vol_cont” Set to 1 to enable the feature, this will only apply after each map change with the way file loading is handled (Enabled by default in the new config file).

First thing you need to do is edit the radiostations_vol.ini to your own custom stations. Currently has 3 working examples for direct audio stream URL’s.

You might also have noticed that the plugin now has “Volume Wrapper” and “Browse Fix”. The Volume Wrapper is for the new volume control options and needs to be placed on your own webhost or using mine. The Browse Fix is the same from before, just a more self explanatory name that fixes the !browse command in CS:GO.

One final thing, make sure to delete the radio.smx because the new version is called radio_beta.smx until finalised.

– Base !radio command now pops up a menu but will only show the volume controls if “sm_radio_vol_cont” is enabled (Default is Select Station and Turn Off).
– Added checks to make sure the MOTD URL doesn’t exceed 192 bytes
– More checks added for NULL menu pointers to avoid any potential server crashes
– CS:GO now supports volume control – Only works for direct audio station links
This is enabled through the console variable “sm_radio_vol_cont” and only enabled within CS:GO right now (Will be for all games when out of beta – basically supports all ShoutCast streams!)
– Radio can be turned off inside the base menu

BETA 2 released, read about it here…..Download from my personal host here and extract straight to your game server directory.
Wrappers can be downloaded here and put on your own personal host and make sure to edit the radiostations.ini and radiostations_vol.ini or use my own personal host.

Have fun with the new update and please report any bugs you come across or translation’s please.

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