AFK Manager v1.0.2.5

Released a small patch to address some issues users was facing, which made the plugin unapproved in the first place as far as i know. Not looking to get it approved or anything right now, because of the confusion it would create and I might just give it a nice tombstone for the depths of Unapproved plugins – Rothgar is doing a really good job on the current one.

Find the current release notes below:

  • Reduced vector distance checking from 500 to 100 (Should reduce false positives)
  • Added Spanish translations, Thanks to wapo20
  • Used the same hack from Radio plugin to fix the config execution issue
  • Switched the admin flag to Reservation from Generic
  • Changed admin access from Access_Effective to Access_Real

If I ever re-realse this officially, will be under a new name and module based for sure. Have to wait and see!

Latest release can be found here

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