Radio v2.0.0.3 – Released

This is a small maintenance release that address one small issue related to ShoutCast playlists having genres forced in the plugin (Was a small overlook in with added playlist types, especially the top 500), and the genre collection is only intialized when necessary. Changelog: Removed the hardcoded genres usage in ShoutCast mode Only initialise … Read more Radio v2.0.0.3 – Released

Radio v2.0.0.2 – Released

Got another release of radio finished, this is a small bugfix and slight change to give better user feedback based around Geo-Blocked stations. The problem with Dynamic and empty methodmaps is now fixed and added source to package Cached the console variables “sm_radio_play_type” and “sm_radio_shoutcast_custom” in OnConfigsExecuted() This avoids conflicts or crashes with the way … Read more Radio v2.0.0.2 – Released