Progress report for beta 3 and backend fixes

Sorry for the longer than intended delay, had a very busy week since leaving the UK and not really had the time for coding with limited time constraints. Good news, that everything should settle down again come this week. I’ve fixed some bugs on the backend code for the player. One major problem was … Read more

Radio BETA 2 – Released

Released a very small patch that stops auto-appending “/;” to stream URL’s. It breaks any streams using IceCast 2 and had to be removed. Will release the custom stream list alongside ShoutCast mode in BETA 3.

Radio BETA 1 – Released

Managed to get a BETA 1 ready for release. Seems like most the features are in a stable condition right now and good for testing in the general public. Big thing since ALPHA 1, completley dropped cURL support and switched everything over to SteamWorks. Was a bad idea from the start to use a practically … Read more

Radio v2.0.0.0 ALPHA 1 – Open for testing

Decided to release Radio version 2 for alpha testing right now. Currently open to the public but requires the complete package to function correctly. Download the complete package directly from here. Plugins included: Dynamic by Neuro_Toxin from here – Awesome plugin used to store the stations and genres (This is essential for plugin functionality to … Read more