Radio v1.0.0.18 Released

Released a small update to fix issues and requests which were reported with v1.0.0.17. v1.0.0.18 Plugin now auto-creates config file, if not found Added support for in the translation files Fixed the problem with the plugin unable to start when updater wasn’t installed (Thanks Dr. McKay – REQUIRE_PLUGIN is set by default) Been testing out … Read more

Radio v1.0.0.17 Final Released

New update adds volume control within the menu, for direct streams and auto-updater support. All the new features are fully configurable and seem to be bug free. Make sure to modify the setting to your own personal preference. You’ll need to install the Updater plugin by GoD-Tony, over on the SourceMod forums for auto-updating. Full … Read more

Contact Page Now With File Attachment Support

Contact page now supports file attachment, which should make it easier to send plugin related files directly. Got a request through email to allow adding file attachments – Supported file types are txt/zip/sp with a 200kb file size limit, not sure if it’s case sensitive but as far as i know, shouldn’t be. Feel free … Read more

Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 4 – Menu Fixed

Sorry about the huge amount of releases for one day but this really had to get fixed. Was browsing over the code and noticed that when the cVar for volume control was disabled, the menu would load up incorrectly (Problems when coding late at night – which i think is why most these bugs occured … Read more

Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 3 – Volume support in all mods

Another small update to enable volume control in all SourceMod supported mods (So far it seems like only CS:GO needs the silent MOTD loading compared to other mods). Slight change to the way cookies are done now also (The saved station isn’t a global saved URL anymore, it’s dependant on whether volume control is enabled … Read more

Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 2 Released

Beta 2 is out to the public now after some testing and hopefully it’s working as intended. Previous beta 1 ended up with an error related RegClientCookie and had the same storage name for Station and Volume. How it actually worked at all is beyond me. Some users have reported experiencing the welcome message loading … Read more

Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 1 – Public

Finally got around to a public beta for radio with built in volume controls using direct audio streams. Still need translators for the new strings and some more bugs fixed that might pop up. Ran many tests and can confirm 100% that volume is working in CS:GO and will be enabled for other mods, once … Read more