Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 4 – Menu Fixed

Sorry about the huge amount of releases for one day but this really had to get fixed. Was browsing over the code and noticed that when the cVar for volume control was disabled, the menu would load up incorrectly (Problems when coding late at night – which i think is why most these bugs occured in the first place).

– Fixed an error with the base station menu when volume control wasn’t set

Download Final is Released now, read about it here

If you’re new to sourceMod Radio – Make sure to read the main page here, then follow up from the beta 1 release here.

Only the radio.smx needs to be replaced since BETA 1, everything else is practically identical.

If anyone has any recommended radiostations_vol.ini lists – Feel free to send them to me in the contact form, or post on the official thread over on the SourceMod Forums, and I’ll make sure to add them for the next release.


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