Radio v1.0.0.17 BETA 3 – Volume support in all mods

Another small update to enable volume control in all SourceMod supported mods (So far it seems like only CS:GO needs the silent MOTD loading compared to other mods). Slight change to the way cookies are done now also (The saved station isn’t a global saved URL anymore, it’s dependant on whether volume control is enabled or not).

– Added support for all mod types
– Cookies are now saved for volume control or direct station linking (so no need to update saved station when volume control is enabled or disabled)

BETA 4 released now…. Download the latest version from here and extract to your game server directory. Make sure to read the initial post about beta 1 here on how to install and setup. Once again, the Radio Wrappers are un-changed from beta 1.

If updating from beta 1, be sure to delete the “radio_beta.smx” on your server. Still need translators for the new phrases added, any help is appreciated, thanks

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