Monetization WordPress Plugin HTTPS Fix

For anyone that’s used, or is using the Monetization plugin for WordPress, will have noticed that the entry script doesn’t load under websites utilising SSL. This is due to their CDN link inside the plugin using HTTP by default without an option to change over to HTTPS/SSL – Which causes most common browsers to … Read more

Server Crontab v2.0.0.0 Final

Server Crontab v2.0.0.0 final is now released for everyone. New documentation can be found here with the download link and example usage. Changelog: – Recoded the plugin to use new decals – Crontabs are now based on the official UNIX format – Read up more about them here – Added checks for a valid number … Read more

Server Crontab BETA

Server Crontab is available on GitHub for anyone that wants to try it out until I get the final ready to release. Still got the documentation to finish and check for any potential bugs – Which I’m sure exist somewhere!. Almost everything has changed based around the syntax – So all your old jobs … Read more

Server Crontab Changes Potentially Incoming

Server Crontab will be updated soon depending on the input I get over on the official SourceMod forums. Planning to recode the job scheduler to use more UNIX like job formats which should make everything much more easier for server admins. Had another idea to make extensions that revolve around the scheduler – Take for … Read more

YeGods Match Server Manager

Surprise update for everyone on my old Counter-Strike:Source match server manager. Going to be re-releasing it soon, rebranded as Match Server Manager and support multiple games out the box – Not just based around CS:S anymore. Will be around 1 week before I get the public build out to everyone – Have a few bugs … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S5 Green Screen to Black

Looked over the internet and not found any definite solution to a problem my girlfriend is facing with her phone. Lets just say she might have dropped it in the “toilet” and the display was slowly turning green then eventually to black. We tried the rice trick (Don’t have any silica gel on hand), when … Read more

Optimizing SourceMod and Configuring SPEdit – Part 1

This is a guide for anyone doing development on the Source engine. It includes information on: How optimize SourceMod by removing unecessary plugins and extensions; Configuring SPEdit; Using the built in SourceMod commands to minimize server restarts. Basically, it reduces the time you spend doing usual tasks and allows you to focus on writing the code. … Read more

Radio v1.0.0.15 Released

Small update released for Radio to address some issues under the latest version of SourceMod Switched from my own custom CS:GO check to GetEngineVersion – SourceMods own engine checking function Fix errors on the latest SourcePawn compiler Small change to radiostations.ini – radiofix.php is now hosted on my webspace. Feel free to use it with … Read more

AFK Manager v1.0.2.5

Released a small patch to address some issues users was facing, which made the plugin unapproved in the first place as far as i know. Not looking to get it approved or anything right now, because of the confusion it would create and I might just give it a nice tombstone for the depths of … Read more