Samsung Galaxy S5 Green Screen to Black

Looked over the internet and not found any definite solution to a problem my girlfriend is facing with her phone.
Lets just say she might have dropped it in the “toilet” and the display was slowly turning green then eventually to black.
We tried the rice trick (Don’t have any silica gel on hand), when this initial green spot was appearing in the top right – But that just made things get gradually worse, the small green speckle on the corner was taking over half the screen by that point. Then we thought to give it around 1 week to capture any potentially trapped moisture – after that week had passed, turn on the phone and the full screen is a very dark black. Was impossible to visualise anything happening with the display at this point, all we could make out was the Samsung logo because of the very bright white.

Only worrying sign right now is if the LCD crystals are damaged – It’s basically the same price to buy a new phone. Was hoping if anyone technically minded or experienced with this problem would be able to shed some insight on a possible fix? I’ll update the post accordingly, Thanks!

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