Radio v2.0.0.1 – Released

Update took a little longer than I expected with all the problems the ShoutCast API was giving me yesterday, but managed to get around to releasing the latest version. Update notes can be found below, please make sure to read documentation on the new “sm_radio_force_download” command specifically. Changelog: Bug Fix: Problem with Dynamic and trying … Read more

ShoutCast Web-End Updates – Complete

Managed to get the updates to the ShoutCast web-end finished. It actually ended up taking slightly longer than I expected, with how problematic the ShoutCast API was being and returning 404’s for playlists URL’s that was valid. The solution I came up with was increasing the query retry delay to 10s from 3s, which appears … Read more

ShoutCast Web-end Updates Incoming

Currently working on a few changes to the ShoutCast downloaded playlists that hopefully everyone will like. Radio will have a new internal cVar called “sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist” that will decided which playlist to download and utilize, for now there will be 3 types: 1 = Standard genres with child genres – Version right now 2 = Genres … Read more

Radio v2.0.0.0 Final – Released

Got some good news that Radio 2 is finally ready for the final release, meaning the beta test stage is over with how stable the plugin feels now. Still have to work out how to some things in PHP but the is fine to use right now. This is mostly related to the track … Read more

Nginx – Final Fixes Done

Nginx should be working fine for http and https now. The error returning was “The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port” which was caused from having the 80 and 443 ports in the same server block, under the Nginx config. Had to assign the standard HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) ports to a seperate … Read more

Nginx Server Switch Completed

Another update for today xD. Finally managed to get the webserver backend up and running on Nginx, from Apache2. The site responsivness has increased drastically and internal server resource usage has decreased around 50%. Wanted to get this finished earlier, but didn’t really have the free time with work recently, especially on Radio, then the … Read more

ShoutCast Playlist Problems – Resolved

Was checking over the auto-generated playlists earlier and noticed they wasn’t getting updated correctly from the cronjob this morning. Then, had a look over the PHP logs and noticed it was complaining about “allow_url_include = 0” which wasn’t allowing: $PlayList = parse_ini_file($this->TuneInURL . $this->TuneInBase . “?id=” . $ID, true, INI_SCANNER_RAW); To execute and parse the … Read more

VPS Hosting Switch Complete

Quick update to say VPS swich has been completed. Decided to drop Vultr and switch over to OVH for the increased memory and inclusive DDoS protection at around the same price. Will give me the ability to add more projects and not have to worry about VPS resources as much in the long term. Had … Read more

Radio 2 Documentation Updated

Quick bit of info to say that the documentation for Radio 2 has been updated. Still got a few more things I’d like to add and make it a bit more cleaner, but everyone should now get the gist of how things work internally. Radio 2