Radio v2.0.0.1 – Released

Update took a little longer than I expected with all the problems the ShoutCast API was giving me yesterday, but managed to get around to releasing the latest version. Update notes can be found below, please make sure to read documentation on the new “sm_radio_force_download” command specifically.


  • Bug Fix: Problem with Dynamic and trying to clear an uninitialized methodmap
  • Bug Fix: Added the missing LANG_SERVER on Track Query Disabled string formatting
  • Addition: More checks done for missing playlist files and feedback to the users
  • Addition: 3 playlist modes supported from the ShoutCast API, all controlled with “sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist 1/3”
  • Addition: ShoutCast playlists can be forced to download with “sm_radio_force_download” – This is useful if you change the playlist type from the cVar above
  • Addition: Another couple more translations added – So make sure to update your translation files
  • Addition: ShoutCast Auto-Playlist downloading, if one isn’t found (Make sure to reload the map after the download completes to apply changes)
  • Addition: Updated to the latest SteamWorks inside the package

Thanks to Caaine for the bug reports

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