Radio v2.0.0.14 – Small Maintenance Release

Got an update for Radio with updated translations and couple of small bug fixes. [B]v2.0.0.14[/B] – Modified cl_disablehtmlmotd checking code, to only message clients when It’s set to 1 (Was messaging clients when cVar wasn’t found too) – Added the latest MOTD Fixer v1.06 – Russian translations updated – Thanks to MihaAndTema – German translations … Read moreRadio v2.0.0.14 – Small Maintenance Release

dRadio Player Updates – Bad Streams and Mount Points Fixed

Applied a few fixes to related to none working stations with bad streams. Basically, Once the script finishes updating the stations from the ShoutCast API, it will check all the station streams that either return 200 or 302 – Which is a common working response for ShoutCast under Windows and Linux. What this in … Read moredRadio Player Updates – Bad Streams and Mount Points Fixed

Radio – Released

This release is another small maintenance patch that includes MOTD Fixer and SMJansson inside the base package. Wasn’t 100% sure about including MOTD Fixer, but the complete package is meant to have full functionality out the box, without playing around with plugins and such. v2.0.0.10 Changelog: Added missing Radio Playlist Converter source code Fixed the … Read moreRadio – Released

Radio v2.0.0.9 – Volume Control Fixes

Got an updated released for Radio that fixes the volume settings loading incorrectly. Changelog: – Problem with the volume loading incorrectly fixed – Added feedback for MOTD Fixer and checks if available – Translation file updated too – New radiovolume.txt/shoutcastcustom.txt added to the package – Thanks to Caaine – Few more internal code changes Huge … Read moreRadio v2.0.0.9 – Volume Control Fixes

Radio v2.0.0.8 FINAL And MOTD Fixer v1.00 FINAL – Releases Ready

Finally got Radio and MOTD Fixer both out of beta now – With a final release of each plugin. Everything seems to be pretty stable and running as intended, had no issues reported thus far other than the problems which was fixed during beta. Changelogs: Radio v2.0.0.8 FINAL: – Added a missing Plugin_Handled on !rhelp … Read moreRadio v2.0.0.8 FINAL And MOTD Fixer v1.00 FINAL – Releases Ready