MOTD Fixer/ Radio Dependancy Update Fixes

Small update that fixes some dependancy issues with Radio, MOTD Fixer and Updater. If for example MOTD Fixer or Updater wasn’t installed then Radio wouldn’t run – This should be fully fixed now and added the new fixed include files to the latest package. MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 3 and Radio v2.0.0.8 BETA 3 have … Read more

Radio BETA 2 Released

Radio is updated once again. This time round I’ve fixed a potential flaw by forcing MOTD Fixer to be installed when running under CS:GO. I actually forgot to include the radio.sp inside the Beta 1 package – which is included again in this version. Another couple of small fixes applied with code cleanup and that’s … Read more

Radio BETA 1 – Testing ready

Radio BETA 1 is out for public testing. There is no changelog right now but expect one to follow when out of beta testing – Main highlight is potentially fixed station loading under CS:GO (This requires some vigorous testing to make sure it’s working as intended). If you haven’t read the Radio documentation, that … Read more

Radio Download Packages Updated

Updated the latest Radio version 1 and 2 download packages with a small fix to overcome the latest CS:GO change – Which restricted MOTD pages to only allow http/https. This one small change broke the “Off Page” for many using “about:blank” which now needs a custom URL. Ended up creating a very basic HTML page … Read more

Radio Released

This is a small maintenance release with support for Dutch translations (Huge thanks to Mutse over on the SourceMod Forums) and some internal code changes that makes the plugin fully new decls compliant. Changelog: Added Dutch translations – Big thanks to Mutse Small logic processing problem with the volume menu fixed Added the updated … Read more

How to Add Custom Streams from TuneIn

This guide that will help everyone add streams from to Radio version 2 for their game of choice, with a few pictures to help along the way. Everything in this tutorial is based around utilising FireFox Developer tools – so make sure you have that to begin with. Prerequisites: FireFox – Get the most … Read more

Radio – Released

This is a small error fix release that includes improved cookie handling to avoid any possible conflicts – especially when switching between play types that share the same station ID. Added another extra check to station storage and changed the way IsValid returns the values – Fixes a small error log. Changelog: Improved cookie handling … Read more

Radio – Released

Got another small update to Radio that fixes a couple of bugs with the menu handles. The ShoutCast custom mode without stations, was applying entries to an incorrect menu (Not even sure how this happened to begin with xD), which is now fixed. Fixed another long standing issue with ShoutCast mode and not utilising the … Read more

Radio Released – Memory leak fixed

Managed to change the interal Radio storage from Dynamic to a mirrored ArrayList which fixes the memory leaking. It’s nothing fancy but does the job perfectly fine, will love some beta testing of this version and report back if you have any issues. Huge thanks also to Miha And Tema for Russian and German translations. … Read more

Radio 2 – Memory Leak Update

Quick update on the memory leak issue and my road map to switch the storage engine. Going to begin writing my own internal storage engine, starting this weekend. Used up way too much time trying to fix the problem inside Dynamic without success (Think it needs a lot of changes including an internal way to … Read more