How to Add Custom Streams from TuneIn

This guide that will help everyone add streams from to Radio version 2 for their game of choice, with a few pictures to help along the way. Everything in this tutorial is based around utilising FireFox Developer tools – so make sure you have that to begin with.

FireFox – Get the most recent version from here.
Once you have FireFox installed and setup correctly, we’re ready to progress on to the next step.

Tune-In Main Page List
Tune-In Main Page List

Selecting or Searching your Station of Choice:
Let’s start by browsing TuneIn and using a random station as an example for this tutorial (If you’re looking for a specific station – use the Search function at the top of the page).
So we need to go to “Music” and browse down the page to get to the “Top Stations:” List:

Now we’re on the top station page, let’s select “Radio Aripi Spre Cer” – which was the current most listeners station for me when writing this tutorial.

Getting the Tune-In Audio Stream for Any Web-Based Player:

Once you select the current top station and the audio begins to play, click this key combination inside FireFox “CTRL+SHIFT+C” which brings up the developer console that looks like this:

With the developer console loaded, we want to “refresh” (F5 is the refresh shortcut key) the page to get all the interesting information, especially the playing media.

After you’ve refreshed the page, there should be a lot more information inside the developer console and look like this:

Forgot to mention – But make sure to select “Network -> All” as you can see in the images above to be in the right place for the audio stream

If we arrange the rows by¬† “Cause” look for anything with the type “Media” and if you see the File as “;”, that’s usually the mount point for ShoutCast streams, IceCast is a bit different without needing the “;” usually.

Now we need to copy the “Request URL:” from the right side under the headers tab “;”.

After we have the stream info, we do a small test on the stream to see if everything works as intended. Load up another tab in Firefox or your favourite browser to test the request URL we just got inside the Radio wrapper URL.;

And there we go, it works!

Creating a Basic Config:

Everything is almost complete at this stage, Final step is to create our custom radio config. This is for everyone that understands the playlist types and has read the documentation for Radio.

"Radio Stations"
    "Off Page" ""
    "Volume Wrappers Base URL" ""
    "Shoutcast Player" ""
        "Volume Track Query" ""
    "Use Genres" "0"

    "Radio Aripi Spre Cer"
        "Stream URL" ";"

Now we save that as our own playlist of choice and it should load under radio without problems.

Feel free to post in the comment section if you hit anymore problems or need help with a specific issue.

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