Radio Released

This is a small maintenance release with support for Dutch translations (Huge thanks to Mutse over on the SourceMod Forums) and some internal code changes that makes the plugin fully new decls compliant.


  • Added Dutch translations – Big thanks to Mutse
  • Small logic processing problem with the volume menu fixed
  • Added the updated for new decls – Was missing from previous versions
  • Plugin now compiles with “pragma new decls” forced
  • Other small internal code changes

Latest download can be found on the Radio 2 page.

On the Topic of my lack of activity recently. Had a lot of focus on PHP and reading up about certain frameworks (Even subscribed to Laracasts – Which is a fantastic resource for learning PHP). In prepartion to change the ShoutCast web-end code in to something like Laravel or Lumen (Depending on which features I need). Looking to update this over the next few weeks, depending on how busy RL is and my free time to code. If anyone wants to grab a copy of the current ShoutCast API code as it is – Send me a message here or on the SourceMod forums.

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