MOTD Fixer v1.02 – Client IP Handling Changes

Release MOTD Fixer v1.02 that changes how client IP’s are sent to the script. This will hopefully overcome certain issues with a few select hosts and strange behaviour getting client IPs. MOTD Fixer v1.02: – Client IP’s are now sent through a query string – New command added “motdf_serverip” – Get the real server IP … Read moreMOTD Fixer v1.02 – Client IP Handling Changes

MOTD Fixer v1.01 – Typo Fix

Release a small update to MOTD fixer that corrects a typo in the console variable name for validate type, was modtf_ instead of motdf_. Another bonus is a small example plugin – Showing how to use Google with a search query string. Enjoy P.S.: Expect updates to the web panel – hopefully later today.

Radio v2.0.0.9 – Volume Control Fixes

Got an updated released for Radio that fixes the volume settings loading incorrectly. Changelog: – Problem with the volume loading incorrectly fixed – Added feedback for MOTD Fixer and checks if available – Translation file updated too – New radiovolume.txt/shoutcastcustom.txt added to the package – Thanks to Caaine – Few more internal code changes Huge … Read moreRadio v2.0.0.9 – Volume Control Fixes

Radio v2.0.0.8 FINAL And MOTD Fixer v1.00 FINAL – Releases Ready

Finally got Radio and MOTD Fixer both out of beta now – With a final release of each plugin. Everything seems to be pretty stable and running as intended, had no issues reported thus far other than the problems which was fixed during beta. Changelogs: Radio v2.0.0.8 FINAL: – Added a missing Plugin_Handled on !rhelp … Read moreRadio v2.0.0.8 FINAL And MOTD Fixer v1.00 FINAL – Releases Ready

MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 5 – Released

Pushed another update today for MOTD Fixer. Resolves the issues with SteamWorks and various other code changes, including more feedback. Full changelog can be found below: Fixed the SteamWorks unloaded error message Was checking a function that wasn’t being called with GetFeatureStatus. More feedback messages added and a few other code changes Small issue fixed … Read moreMOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 5 – Released

MOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 4 – Ready

Done another big update today for MOTD Fixer that hopefully fixes some issues and adds support for displayed panels. Changelog: – Added support for displayed MOTD panels – Set a 10 second timeout on the SteamWorks HTTP requests – Fixed a slight overlook on motdf_register command returning nothing – Replaced all instances of SteamWorks_IsLoaded() to … Read moreMOTD Fixer v1.00 BETA 4 – Ready