MOTD Fixer v1.02 – Client IP Handling Changes

Release MOTD Fixer v1.02 that changes how client IP’s are sent to the script. This will hopefully overcome certain issues with a few select hosts and strange behaviour getting client IPs.

MOTD Fixer v1.02:
– Client IP’s are now sent through a query string
– New command added “motdf_serverip” – Get the real server IP

The PHP script had a lot of big changes – So make sure to clear the database and re-run init.sql for the new structure.

Web Changes:
– Removed the checks for validating the servers sent IP to real IP
– Changed how IP’s are handled now
– Quite a few internal variable name changes
– Database format changes – Make sure to re-run init.sql

Have fun and please report any issues that you might come accross.

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