Radio v2.0.0.8 FINAL And MOTD Fixer v1.00 FINAL – Releases Ready

Finally got Radio and MOTD Fixer both out of beta now – With a final release of each plugin.

Everything seems to be pretty stable and running as intended, had no issues reported thus far other than the problems which was fixed during beta.


Radio v2.0.0.8 FINAL:
– Added a missing Plugin_Handled on !rhelp
– Reintroduced !browse/sm_browse for CS:GO with MOTD Fixer
– Fixed the “Off Page” loading incorrectly under CS:GO – Wasn’t using MOTDF_ShowMOTDPanel
– Added more checks for SteamWorks_IsLoaded()
– Changed a few more LogMessage calls to utilise RLogMessage
If you experience problems inside Radio – Make sure “sm_radio_logging” is set to 1
– Removed unecessary null’s after calling delete on Handles
– Added the latest Linux git123 to the package
– Updated to the latest Multi-Colors by Bara
– Removed redundant files from the full download package

MOTD Fixer v1.00 FINAL:
– Slightly reduced the base resolution for displayed MOTD panels

The final patch to Radio had quite a few things fixed/changed/added but I’m happy with it now. The MOTD Fixer change was to stop the MOTD Panel overlapping anyones screen that was gaming in 720p.


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