Latest Radio Memory Leak Issue

Current version of Radio is currently suffering from a memory leak inside Dynamic. This only happens when Genres or ShoutCast custom stations is enabled (Once more than one collection is introduced the leak seems to occur). For now the only way to avoid it – Is by using Radio without genres or the top 500 … Read more

Radio v2.0.0.2 – Released

Got another release of radio finished, this is a small bugfix and slight change to give better user feedback based around Geo-Blocked stations. The problem with Dynamic and empty methodmaps is now fixed and added source to package Cached the console variables “sm_radio_play_type” and “sm_radio_shoutcast_custom” in OnConfigsExecuted() This avoids conflicts or crashes with the way … Read more

More SQL Changes Soon

Going to be implementing a few more changes to the MySQL code and structure within the PHP script. Long term, This will avoid duplicate entries with stations and have a much better structure inside the database. Task will take me around 2+ weeks to implement with how the database is right now and require lots … Read more

Radio v2.0.0.1 – Released

Update took a little longer than I expected with all the problems the ShoutCast API was giving me yesterday, but managed to get around to releasing the latest version. Update notes can be found below, please make sure to read documentation on the new “sm_radio_force_download” command specifically. Changelog: Bug Fix: Problem with Dynamic and trying … Read more

ShoutCast Web-End Updates – Complete

Managed to get the updates to the ShoutCast web-end finished. It actually ended up taking slightly longer than I expected, with how problematic the ShoutCast API was being and returning 404’s for playlists URL’s that was valid. The solution I came up with was increasing the query retry delay to 10s from 3s, which appears … Read more

ShoutCast Web-end Updates Incoming

Currently working on a few changes to the ShoutCast downloaded playlists that hopefully everyone will like. Radio will have a new internal cVar called “sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist” that will decided which playlist to download and utilize, for now there will be 3 types: 1 = Standard genres with child genres – Version right now 2 = Genres … Read more