Latest Radio Memory Leak Issue

Current version of Radio is currently suffering from a memory leak inside Dynamic. This only happens when Genres or ShoutCast custom stations is enabled (Once more than one collection is introduced the leak seems to occur). For now the only way to avoid it – Is by using Radio without genres or the top 500 ShoutCast list.

Plan for now is to wait till tomorrow evening and see if Neuro Toxin has a solution for the issue, or take the longer route and code my own internal storage for Radio – This will work out much more quicker than learning the full internals of Dynamic and trying to pinpoint the problem. Then, switch back to Dynamic when the leak is fixed.

Quick run down on settings to avoid the memory leak:
sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist “3” – Anything other than this will introduce the genre collection and cause the leaking
sm_radio_shoutcast_custom “0” – Leave this to 0 and avoid the leaking too. Same as above, introduces the custom station/genre collection.
Playlists utilising genres = Triggers the Memory leaking. Avoid using “Use Genres” “1” because this will utilise a 2nd collection to store the genres which causes leaks

Please stick to the above and avoid problems until the issue is resolved. Hopefully everything will be fixed by this friday.

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