Radio – Released

This release is another small maintenance patch that includes MOTD Fixer and SMJansson inside the base package.

Wasn’t 100% sure about including MOTD Fixer, but the complete package is meant to have full functionality out the box, without playing around with plugins and such.

v2.0.0.10 Changelog:

  • Added missing Radio Playlist Converter source code
  • Fixed the ShoutCast updater timer – Changed from 3600 to 360
  • Removed SetFailState when MOTD Fixer not found under CS:GO
  • Reverted back to old panels without MOTD Fixer under CS:GO but added a message
  • Slight updated to the translation file
  • Fixed the station link inside “addons/sourcemod/configs/shoutcastcustom.txt”
  • Added MOTD Fixer and SMJansson to the base package to make sure full functionality is back

Please report any issues you come accross and enjoy

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