Radio and Web Player changes

Finally got around to updating Radio to v2.0.0.16 the changes are more than I expected over the previous version.

Changlog as follows:


  • Notice: MOTD panels still work fine, but you need to press play in the audio player with new chromium policies
    Tested under HL2:DM and TF2
  • Moved MOTD Fixer to the disabled folder
    It was only required in CS:GO that has now fully removed MOTD panels from the code base
  • Added #pragma dynamic to the build options to increase the stack space
  • Fixed return types in a few functions
  • Updated Multi-Colors by Bara to the lastest git commit: 2d9c20b8f4793e04ebfe2fe6e3ba467fdc22eb47
  • Updated and Added a lot of translations with help from
  • Added a check for cl_showpluginmessages under HL2:DM and warn the user if disabled
    Enabled by default, disable by setting “sm_radio_check_disabled_plugin_messages 0”
    You can disable this and use the awesome plugin @ by AlienMario
  • Added a new playlist type in the plugin and – Top 500 with HTTPS only streams
    Enable this with “sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist 4”
  • Updated to the latest SteamWorks compatible with SM 1.11, Thanks to Hexa-Core –
  • Misc code changes

Make sure to press play inside the web player to get stations to load, over the last few months Valve updated Chromium Embedded Framework to introduce auto-play polices, that require user interaction within the page or to press play directly on the audio player.

The web player was also updated with a few changes since last time.


  • Added support for a top 500 playlist with HTTPS streams only –
  • Optimized the stream validation code a little
  • Extra checks added to the initial stream on the index page
  • Increased the station count to 300 per-category in the radio_cron updater
  • Added a basic logging function
  • Added support for live and production URL’s
  • Fixed stream URL’s over 127 characters
  • Updated Bootstrap to the latest version
  • Lowercased headers responses and removed duplicate code
  • Fixed a small issue under PHP 8.2
  • Other misc changes/fixes

Enjoy and please report any issues you might find.

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