Server migration complete

Migrated the VPS over to the latest Ubunutu Server 22.04 LTS and changed the host over to Alwyzon.

This was essential after running on Ubuntu Server 18.04 which came out back in 2018, so you can imagine how old some of the core software was. The website itself feels much more responsive since switching over to 22.04 with the latest Nginx 1.23 and PHP 8.2 with OPCache/memcached and Alwyzon.

Nginx was a bit problematic with the changes to how it loads individual site configs under “conf.d” instead of the old “sites-available”, then creating a soft link to “sites-enabled”. This was a bit confusing until I ended up doing a config reset over the old 1.18 version with Ubuntu Server.

If you’re personally upgrading Nginx from 1.18ish (Current Ubuntu LTS included version) to 1.20 and above. Make sure to copy all your “site-available” configs to “conf.d”, at least the ones you currently have soft-linked in “sites-enabled”, and add a .conf extension for Nginx to recognize them. After doing that step you should notice that the configs load correctly and the sites are accessible.

Please report if the site is giving you any issues and I’ll be sure to look into it – I can be messaged directly on the “Contact Me” page

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