Radio Released

Another update to Radio with full french language support – Huge thanks to Cripix.

Ended up reverting the ShoutCast timer change, was incorrect and not sure how I thought 6 mins was right :oops: – ShoutCast updater now checks every 30 minutes.


  • Reverted ShoutCast update timer fix – Was incorrect (Checks every 30 minutes now – 1,800 seconds)
  • French translation updated – Huge thanks to Cripix
  • Update all SteamWorks libraries to git 126 and updated
  • Added a changelog to the download package

If you find any issues – feel free to report them to me and I’ll take a look.

Hopefully now with Radio being pretty stable and MOTD Fixer, I can refocus on the ShoutCast web code and continue converting the codebase over to Laravel.

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