Radio – Left 4 Dead 2 Support

This updated adds full support to Left 4 Dead 2 and hopefully 1 – 1 is untested though, so feedback on this would be great. Ignore the skipped update, had to increment by 1 because of a typo issue that was already pushed on the auto-updater.

With this update Radio now utilises two type of wrapper pages controlled by a new server console variable:

sm_radio_volume_wrapper_type 0/1 – 0 is to use the original HTML5 style <audio> wrapper page with a changed name (html_rvw.html). 1 utlises the new JPlayer wrapper page (jplayer_rvw.html) that fixes the problems with station loading under Left 4 Dead 2 and potentially other mods.

Now the station config files come with 2 seperate wrapper page choices:
“HTML5 Volume Wrapper” – Pointing to location of “html_rvw.html”
“JPlayer Volume Wrapper” – Pointing to location of “jplayer_rvw.html”

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


  • Typo fixed in HTML5 (HTLM5) with the station playlists and plugin


  • Fixed Left For Dead 2 support – 1 is currently untested right now but feedback would be great
  • New console variable “sm_radio_volume_wrapper_type 0/1”:

    • 0 = Use the HTML5 audio player – set inside the station lists under “HTML5 Volume Wrapper”
    • 1 = Use the JPlayer audio player – same as above using “JPlayer Volume Wrapper”
    • New pages are html_rvw.html and jplayer_rvw.html inside
    • If you experience playback in your current mod of choice – Try changing this setting first
  • JPlayer forced under Left 4 Dead 1 and 2


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