Radio player updated

Finally got around to updating the player over on, The database update finished today after leaving it running overnight. There’s still a lot of work to do on the UI and there appears to be issues with certain streams using Chrome/Chromium based browsers, mostly AAC based ones (I’m not sure if Chrome even supports AAC streams, need to dig deeper into this).

All the development was done under Firefox and didn’t get a chance to notice any of the issues under Chrome, until after everything went live on the site. Will get around to working on these problems while i’m away on the laptop for the next few weeks and get a decent UI/UX in the long-run.

VPS Woes

Going live took longer than I expected. Was looking in to VPS providers for updating to the latest Ubuntu Server and doing a fresh OS install. Found a company called Contabo that had great prices, but it appeared to be unsustainable offering them specifications for such cheap prices.

After running tests on their “VPS S”. A very basic WordPress install was hitting up to 5s-10s delays in page loading, without anything else running on the server under Nginx and PHP 8 with OPCache. While Hetzner on is able to achieve almost instantaneous page loading utilising OPCache and memcached, which are a fantastic VPS host for their pricing.

My plan is to stick to the previous Ubuntu Server until 22.04 rolls around next year, then do a fresh re-install around that time. The main reasoning behind doing a fresh 20.04 install was the script utilising PHP 8 additions.

If you have any issues under your servers with streams not working or any other problems, please feel free to send me a message under the Contact Me page or leave a comment on this post, and I will get back to you ASAP.


It appears to be a problem with Google Chrome itself and security rules that I can’t fix unless the stream hosts swap over to HTTPS secure streams. Chrome refuses to load insecure HTTP under HTTPS sites. Can find an article about it here.

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