Radio v1.0.0.23 – Fixes

Some might say this was a bit random, but decided to fix the bugs under the old Radio plugin.

Was thinking about doing this for a while for it’s simplicity compared to Radio 2, and feel that users are still a bit overcome by the complexity of version 2.

Good news now is: I’ve applied some of the fixes over from Radio 2 to this one – So station loading should fully work again in CS:GO and Left 4 Dead 2 support added.

This is by utilising MOTD Fixer (Please make sure to install Updater by GoD-Tony because of potential bugs that can be auto-addressed in both Radio and MOTD Fixer)


  • Fully fixed CS:GO support with MOTD Fixer
  • Left 4 Dead support added
  • Added a new radiostaions_vol.ini – Thanks to Caaine
  • Included Updater by GoD-Tony and MOTD Fixer in the base package

Grab the latest release from the official page here and enjoy.

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