MOTD Fixer – Plugin And Web Updates

Released updates to MOTD Fixer SourceMod plugin and the web script. This release should fix potential database bloat (Will issue a delete command on disconnected client that reach the 2nd stage of MOTDF_ShowMOTDPanel) and running on an unsupported mod type (If an unsupported mod type is found – The plugin will load a slightly customised ShowMOTDPanel with silent panel support).

MOTD Fixer Plugin v1.06:

  • Removed all the unecessary specific URLs and only use “Base URL” in the config now
  • Added a new delete function – That issues delete on a client URL that has disconnected, before the MOTD panel is displayed
  • Added checks for cl_disablehtmlmotd on clients before trying to load an MOTD panel
  • Added initial support for translations
  • Added checks on initialization for missing Updater by GoD-Tony

MOTD Fixer Web Script:

  • Implemented a new delete.php – Issue delete on a client that was offline before the MOTD was displayed
  • Basic debug logging added and enabled through config.php->MOTDF_DEBUG
  • Other internal misc code changes

Enjoy and please report any bugs you might come accross.

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