Nginx Server Switch Completed

Another update for today xD. Finally managed to get the webserver backend up and running on Nginx, from Apache2. The site responsivness has increased drastically and internal server resource usage has decreased around 50%. Wanted to get this finished earlier, but didn’t really have the free time with work recently, especially on Radio, then the VPS switching. But have to say, glad I finally made the transition.

If you was experiencing any site timeouts for a short duration today, then you must have caught one of the short downtimes. Had various issues related to SSL not being nice and few config settings relating to rewriting URL’s, but all them issues appear to be sorted. One tip, never host an outside accessed folder under the base domain within a wordpress installation, unless you have experience in Nginx. That was the most annoying problem getting the location directive right and had to override the folder definition, near the end of base site config.

Enjoy the increased performance.

Next on my todo list: Cutting down the Javascript on the base WordPress site, 200kb on initial connect is a little extreme. Also, working on the Radio player front-end. Might even potentially drop WordPress all together and switch over to a Bootstrap based custom site.

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