Radio v2.0.0.0 Final – Released

Got some good news that Radio 2 is finally ready for the final release, meaning the beta test stage is over with how stable the plugin feels now. Still have to work out how to some things in PHP but the is fine to use right now. This is mostly related to the track query feature, when stations don’t return a standard HTTP header.

Little bit of feedback on the process for version 2. Practically re-did the Radio code base 2 or 3 times over looking for a good method to store station data, then Neuro Toxin posted on the thread saying I should test out Dynamic, which was great plugin and perfect for what I wanted to do with storing data in a clean manner.
Then, the PHP side was about the same, my initial attempt was one class does it all, which was ugly and a pain to maintain. Basically, ended up recoding it from scratch, using the first attempt as a reference and switching over to a MVC type system. Which made everything so much more easier. Thinking about it, PHP code base is probably 2k lines almost by now but a bit of it is copy and pasted from references, and suited to my own style (Like a very basic PDO wrapper class which can be seen here).

Anyway, let’s get on to version 2 Release notes:

v2.0.0.0 Final

  • Finally moved the plugin out of BETA – Everything seems to be stable now
  • Added support for track query under Volume Wrapper mode and ShoutCast custom
    Need to put trackquery.php inside the on your own webhost and modify the $AllowedIPs to your own game server ones. After you’ve edited the trackquery.php script, set the “Volume Track Query” to the URL of your own host.
  • Included Multi-Colors by Bara in the base package
  • Included a seperate plugin to convert your old Radio version 1 playlists to Version 2 KeyValues
  • Turkish translation added – Huge thanks to chalr (Incomplete again, sorry :()
  • Added sm_radio_track_query_enable – Enable or disable track query in Volume and ShoutCast modes
    This added a new translation text – So make sure to update your translation files from Beta 3 to current
  • Removed the “Browse Fix” completley for CS:GO – This doesn’t work anymore since a few patches back

Documentation has been updated to accomodate for some of the new features, please read it carefully.

Hope everyone enjoys version 2. Been way to quiet feedback wise from the previous version, but that can always be a good thing with no one reporting bugs xD.

P.S: If you want me to host the trackquery.php for you, then please contact me directly, either here or on the SourceMod forums.

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