Radio v1.0.0.17 Final Released

New update adds volume control within the menu, for direct streams and auto-updater support. All the new features are fully configurable and seem to be bug free. Make sure to modify the setting to your own personal preference.

You’ll need to install the Updater plugin by GoD-Tony, over on the SourceMod forums for auto-updating.

Full documentation and download links can be found here.

v1.0.0.17 Changelog

  • Volume control is now supported (Thanks to kin5!)
    It has to be a direct radio stream using the wrapper (sm_radio_vol_cont 1/0 to enable or disable and update radionstations_vol.ini accordingly – if using the new feature)
  • Plugin now supports auto-updating with the SourceMod Updater plugin
  • Russian translation updated and other languages (Thanks MihaAndTema!)
  • Cookies are now saved for volume control or direct station linking (so no need to update saved station with volume control on or off)
  • Added checks to make sure the MOTD URL doesn’t exceed 192 bytes
  • More checks added for NULL menu pointers to avoid any potential server crashes
  • Radio can be turned off inside the base menu

Big thanks to kin5 over on the SourceMod forums for finding a way to support direct streams and control the volume within CS:GO, MihaaAndTema for working on the translation updates and GoD-Tony for the Updater SourceMod plugin (saved me having to code my own from scratch).

Feel free to recommend any more features that I might have missed out on.

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