Progress report for beta 3 and backend fixes

Sorry for the longer than intended delay, had a very busy week since leaving the UK and not really had the time for coding with limited time constraints. Good news, that everything should settle down again come this week.

I’ve fixed some bugs on the backend code for the player. One major problem was the ShoutCast API being unstable at times when they had lots of traffic and not able to update the lists properly because of that, all that should be working as intended now. Ended up adding retries on the individual queries to the API and testing for a valid response (Right now, it’s limited to 10 over a 10 second period – which seems to be perfectly fine and overcome all the issues). If this still bugs out down the line, will increase the cap to maybe 15-20 or increase the query delay. Track query should also be more reliable now, but still not 100% with how certain stations are utilising the “StreamTitle=” from individual streams.

Next update will be Radio beta 3, almost got it ready with support for custom stations alongside ShoutCast. It works by adding an individual entry to the base menu, so it will look something like:

  1. ShoutCast Stations
  2. Custom Stations
  3. Set Volume
  4. Turn Off

Was much more better to do it this way and avoid index conflicts in the internal dynamic method map, using 2 seperate methodmaps now, 1 for standard lists and 1 that is only used for custom ShoutCast stations. Makes things much more manageable in the long run and avoids playing around with index conflicts etc. The menu entry name can be changed inside the translation file by server admins.

Got some more ideas to implement but want to avoid bloating the plugin too much, will see how things go.

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