Radio BETA 3 – Released

Managed to get BETA 3 ready for release with support for custom stations alongside ShoutCast mode and finalised translations.

Updated the basic documentation with the new command “sm_radio_shoutcast_custom” – which when enabled, loads a custom station list and adds it to the main menu alongside ShoutCast mode. This is parsed from “sourcemod/configs/shoutcastcustom.txt” utilizing the standard parsing format. You can easily copy your own “radiovolume.txt” to “shoutcastcustom.txt”, and it will load all the entries under “Server Custom Stations” inside the base menu. Which can be changed through the translation file by the same name.


  • Changed menu processing – Saved a tiny bit of CPU in the process with one less iteration over genres
  • Added support for custom stations alongside the ShoutCast radio list with “sm_radio_shoutcast_custom 0/1”
    Parsed from “sourcemod/configs/shoutcastcustom.txt” using the standard format
  • Help panel added to show commands to users that can be accessed by typing !radiohelp or !rhelp
  • Finalised the translations – Updates and additions in various languages would be great, Thanks!


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