Radio v1.0.1.0 BETA Progress Update

Got some good news for the next Radio update coming out very soon, hopefully everything will be ready by this weeked – Could practically say the plugin was almost completley rewritten, compared to the last release.

Managed to get ShoutCast API access yesterday and had a chance to play around with it today – Ended up doing some tests for the next big release which will be very cool and should avoid anyone asking for shared station lists ;).

Frontend web player will be updated to have a similiar feel to how SourceTunes was with the built in categories and audio player, also volume control within the URL switch. Another addition will be the mod type that the game is currently running under (This will be incase I need to do any specific actions based around the mod – Take for example how L4D(1/2) fails to load anything right now, this will be on the agenda after the initial release).

New changes with the station storage format inside the plugin and file(s). Scrapped the “radiostationsXXX.ini” and switched to key values to make everything much more manageable with the config based settings at the top, then stations/categorys below and stored internally using the awesome Dynamics library by Neuro Toxin – To save a bit of server memory for large number of station entries and let’s not forget category support. One last addition is chat shortcuts to make things easier to manage outside the main menu, and give users a much more better experience.

Hopefully this will be finished by this weekend, next week at the most.

Small update
Quick update that I’m 100 percent sure this wont be out this weekend (04-05 June) but should be out soon enough.

Not giving any type of deadline because of the learning curve in the process and ways to tackle potential server load with the new ShoutCast API stuff. Was thinking about the track query feature and only allowing whitelisted servers access, wouldn’t be allowing anyone I’m afraid, unless I switch to a VPS (Which is possible when the contract expires for the current package next month).

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