Radio Released

Small update to change to a thread safe method of using GetClientSerial and added a Turkish translation, thanks to chalr.

Sneaky but big update in this version is the radiostations_vol.ini, which was generated automatically using the ShoutCast API, using a cached internal database.

Get the last version from here

The next version is completley skipping the xxx.ini files and moving over to keyvalues.

Right now the station retrieval list is capped at 20 (Internally), and only includes the primary genres using MP3 format and 128kbps audio. It removes duplicate station names and ID’s using the same genre, because of one slight issues when you query from primary genres, you get duplicate stations from the Sub-Genres if they list under multiple types. If we was to parse the sub-genres instead of primary, the list would end up at about 80+ Categories alone, and be way too big for a menu based system.

Not setting any type of release date right now because of changes I keep making. Right now, switching the database engine from MYSQLi to PDO for security and ease of use. Also, small issues that pop up, that only become noticable in a live environment.

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