OVH And CloudFlare Host Switch – Completed

Managed to switch the hosting back over to an OVH VPS with CloudFlare from Krystal because of a few hiccups trying to utilise a shared hosting environment.

Overall, Krystal are a fantastic hosting company with maybe the best tech support I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The downside was that the jobs I need to run require a lot of time to process, and within a shared hosting environment that isn’t really viable (Their VPS packages are quite expensive compared to other hosts too).
The cronjob to update the stations in the ShoutCast DB over at takes a lot of processing time and it would keep terminating after 3 or so hours, which in-turn made the database feel very incomplete.

Another thing, If MOTD Fixer is to be utilised by more and more servers, that will be another problem within shared hosting environment. Was the best choice to switch back now and have the ability to upgrade further down the line – If needed.

Enjoy and please report any errors you might find over on the Contact page.

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