ShoutCast Web-End Updates – Complete

Managed to get the updates to the ShoutCast web-end finished. It actually ended up taking slightly longer than I expected, with how problematic the ShoutCast API was being and returning 404’s for playlists URL’s that was valid. The solution I came up with was increasing the query retry delay to 10s from 3s, which appears … Read more ShoutCast Web-End Updates – Complete

ShoutCast Web-end Updates Incoming

Currently working on a few changes to the ShoutCast downloaded playlists that hopefully everyone will like. Radio will have a new internal cVar called “sm_radio_shoutcast_playlist” that will decided which playlist to download and utilize, for now there will be 3 types: 1 = Standard genres with child genres – Version right now 2 = Genres … Read more ShoutCast Web-end Updates Incoming

Radio Player – Mount Point Fixes – Updated – 14/10/2016

Going to push another update later today for the website side of the player. This should hopefully fix all mount points, especially related to Icecast 2 streams (Didn’t need to have the “/;” appended to the stream). Only took a very simple piece of code, but would love any feedback for stations that don’t work … Read more Radio Player – Mount Point Fixes – Updated – 14/10/2016

ShoutCast Playlist Problems – Resolved

Was checking over the auto-generated playlists earlier and noticed they wasn’t getting updated correctly from the cronjob this morning. Then, had a look over the PHP logs and noticed it was complaining about “allow_url_include = 0” which wasn’t allowing:

To execute and parse the stations returned playlists, and in turn stopped all the playlist … Read more ShoutCast Playlist Problems – Resolved

Contact Page Now With File Attachment Support

Contact page now supports file attachment, which should make it easier to send plugin related files directly. Got a request through email to allow adding file attachments – Supported file types are txt/zip/sp with a 200kb file size limit, not sure if it’s case sensitive but as far as i know, shouldn’t be. Feel free … Read more Contact Page Now With File Attachment Support